Information about REACH-status from Vendico Chemical

Vendico Chemical takes active part in the implementation of REACH and keep ourselves updated through information from the authorities and other organizations regarding the development.

We can inform you that all suppliers that we are co-operating with have confirmed that they are going to pre-register all substances that later on require a registration. We therefore have to assume that they will also do so.

Vendico Chemical has pre-registered all substances that we import from third country and that require this. The substances that have been pre-registered are going to be available to at least December 2010. It's however to early to decide about a final registration of the pre-registered products.

We will inform you if changes of importance would arise. We will also, in good time before the final registration, collect information from you concerning type of use at your company for the substance of interest.

If you have any questions about REACH, please contact your daily contact person at Vendico Chemical.

Responsible for REACH at Vendico Chemical is Gudrun Bryland, + 46 40 98 85 17. Malmö 2008-11-13.

With best regards,Vendico Chemical AB, Anders Håkansson, MD